The Audra Chadwick Story

Hello Friends:

The Story of the Audra Chadwick online store is the story of my life. I am today a writer and an artist— now that I have managed to remake myself; I used to be a licenced professional. I had to remake myself after I lost nearly everything that I ever had. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that anything like this could possibly happen to me. I never imagined that I would be thrown onto the street by my landlord, penniless, with my possessions seized by bailiffs. My own family was monstrously wicked and unkind beyond description. They did not lift a finger to help although they had accepted help from me, time and time again. I have never asked anyone for money, shelter or clothing but was eventually given a little help from a charitable agency I managed to find—or perhaps they found me. Almost overnight, I had not even a penny, I had no home; I had no clothing, I had no family and no friends. All of the people I knew rejected me and did not offer a helping hand when I needed it most. I reconnected with an old friend that I knew decades earlier who promised to give me moral support but after a few meetings they quietly dropped me just like everyone else did. Family friends, school friends and acquaintances did too, even those I had helped in university and those in my chosen profession. When I was in a poor mental state, former professional colleagues of mine told me to return to the shelter and seek help there, even though I was suffering from suicidal ideations. I have forgiven everyone, learned not to judge others and moved on as best I could. Life is so much bigger than this and I would hope that all people can be kinder to each other.

I have never been the uncharitable type of person myself and it is my hope that you will lend a helping hand to those who are in need. Think about what you say to others and if you cannot say something good or helpful, do not say anything at all. I hope you will not turn them away with unhelpful and corrosive advice.

I somehow through the grace of God managed to pull myself off of the street and out of a derelict shelter crawling with mice and cockroaches. Almost two years later I was able to scrape enough together to rent a small place to live but life for me is still far from secure. In the shelter with me was my adult child whose pervasive developmental delay requires 24 hour supervision. I am diagnosed with mental health issues myself, including chronic clinical depression to pervasive generalized anxiety, all on top of advanced diabetes. I have also developed degenerative physical conditions that make life much more challenging. My professional reputation was destroyed by those who, for their own selfish reasons, chose to default to their own truth rather than the actual truth, not at all caring about the effects of their actions on me or my family. As a result, I remain hidden for my own safety due to the continued existence of fraudulent past clients who have tried to harm me many times—and these were the very people who were believed over me by my profession’s authorities; I cannot ignore the spectre and impact of race in this regard.

My life was turned around however through the strong support and encouragement I received from a truly good and unexpected friend. She is my sister in spirit if not in reality; she is my best friend who has helped me to strengthen my faith in God. She, her church and members pray for me each and every day. I also have a wonderful pastor in a second church who is always there to counsel me and pray with me. It took me a full year to save ten dollars per week just to get this online store up and running so that I will be able to begin to take care of myself and my family; my spiritual sister also helped in this regard. I know what it’s like not to be able to feed oneself and at one time I walked up and down the streets looking quite skeletal, freezing in the cold. I still need to use a food bank but I am so grateful to the kind people behind the food bank who freely give of their time for people like me.

Today I am out of the cold and hope that you will visit my store often and find many things that you may like. I draw and create all of the artwork myself. It is based on the beauty of our universe and creation stories. It is about all living things especially beautiful plants, trees, flowers and more. I plan to add more designs and products each week or each month, but for now I am starting out small and hope that my store will grow and that I will be able to take care of my family and restore my dignity and self-worth. When I walked the streets, it was the beautiful flowers, plants and trees that sustained me. I write about them and many other things on my blog.

I do hope to have and live a good life once again, no matter what anyone thinks of me. One thing that I ask of you is please do not make assumptions about others as you have no idea what they may be going through or what their life is like or has become.

So please dear friends, have a look around my store and the website and find and purchase something inspirational in the original art that I created especially for you in my products for sale. Please stay well and take good care. Please subscribe to my site as well, you will get updates on new designs, some tips on many inspirational topics and a short story or two. You will find compassion and empathy right here and with your help and patronage, I will be able to pay it forward one day.

Thank you all for your support.

With Love,


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