Use your voice and represent yourself!

Hey folks, take a look at my recent post about blackness and how black people have always been our own protectors. I write about Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, a movie about interracial marriage, as a framework for the discussion. Let me know what you think!

The Myth of the White Savior

I must admit that when I was a little girl newly arrived from the Caribbean I felt lost in a sea of Eurocentricity. In stark contrast to my island upbringing, suddenly I was seeing white people everywhere: in the grocery store, on the bus, on television, on the radio, living in every house on the… Continue Reading →

The following post is ALL about the joy of the ocean!

Everyone has their own way of getting through tough days; for me I like to imagine the beaches I enjoyed as a child that were near my island home. Let me share with you how I use that imagery to help harden myself against life’s trials and tribulations.

Of Oceans and the Sea

When I was a little girl living on a Caribbean Island surrounded by the sea, I never once went for a swim. I had driven by the Caribbean Sea and dreamt of dipping into it many times but it didn’t happen until I went on a return trip there with my parents at ten years… Continue Reading →

Of Roses and Ultra-Consciousness

Being ultra-conscious is to be alive and to live a full and vigorous and vivid life. You don’t turn off your mind; that is not possible; especially if you have other things to think about like “how you are going to live?” You may be terminally ill, you may be homeless, you may have a… Continue Reading →

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